This is a thought by Gerard Manley Hopkins, a poet of extremely beautiful and emotional poetry, about poetry ...

'Speech framed ... to be heard for its own sake and interest even over and above its interest of meaning'

To what extent do you agree that poetry should be admired for qualities other than its meaning?  How is this pertieint to our study of Donne?

Please add a comment. Think about the peoms we have studied already, and other poets you have studied on the course.

Mr Henderson
3/2/2012 04:40:51

Other than the meaning of the poems, we as the reader take away an understanding into the poet's mind himself. Whether its a woman looking at how men percieve women, or modern day society learning from the poet's use of language. Donne's poems reflect more than meaning as he speaks in a very philosophical tone, the readers are therefore allowed the freedom to interpret his poems however they want as apossed to what the poet means.

6/2/2012 05:23:02

The way the poet pieces together their words, and the words they actually choose to convey their meaning should be just as admired as what they are actually expressing.

6/2/2012 09:59:50

But, does this mean that we should value and admire the form of the poetry more than the meaning of the poem? Does this suggest that the form and the poetry IS the meaning?


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